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CARMA quip mattresses have become extremely popular and a necessity for completing your camping kit.

Built to last, even in the toughest camping conditions.  

Solid construction that offers great insulation and is puncture proof!

Each mattress is hand built and tested before it leaves our workshop, ensuring that all our customers receive the very best!

Isn't it time to invest in a comfortable, reliable camping mattress?

You only need to invest once in a Carma Quip Mattress!

What inspired us to start Carma Quip?
Since we started our river rafting company in 1999 we used many different types of mattresses available on the market at that time. With extreme outdoor use on a regular basis we realised after a couple of years that it became an expensive item to replace. So we started experimenting and built our first mattress in 2006. Because we had to be sure our mattress will outlast any other on the market it had to be properly tested. After 3 years of intense testing with temperatures ranging from above 50 ° C and below 1 ° C also sleeping on various ground surfaces we were ready to start our manufacturing in 2009. Further improvements lead to the launch of our latest range in May 2016.

What obstacles did we need to overcome to develop the product?
Our mission was to achieve a mattress that will offer: A proper self-inflation without having to add any additional air 
Heavy duty waterproof material for the outer cover which will last in the most extreme outdoor conditions
A top quality solid high density foam that is comfortable with excellent recovery and insulation properties
Reliability even if punctured or if the covering is torn
The most compact size possible by taking heavy duty materials and solid high density foam into consideration
Quick and easy rolling to save time when packing up camp
Our goal?
Focusing on quality and produce the most comfortable and durable self-inflating mattress in South Africa.